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Getting Started with an International Driving License Application

In order to obtain an IDL you have to fill out an application form completed with the necessary documentation. This will include a copy you Driver’s License and your head photograph passport size. Once you’ve completed all required documents you will be issued your Digital International Driving Permit, typically on the next day, which allows you to drive. Additionally the driver’s license booklet and ID card will be sent to you anywhere in the world.

Requirements for International Driving Permit

Foreign drivers with valid driver’s licenses who are seeking to obtain their IDL within California must satisfy specific conditions. They must be citizens of a different country or have resided in within the U.S. for at least six months. Candidates must also present evidence of insurance coverage and registration , in order to legally drive with a foreign licenses.

The Cost of an International Driver’s License in California

An IDL cost $59 per year. If you are planning to travel beyond California. In this case you must consider buying your IDL ahead of time to allow the permit time to be in place and remember that your international driving license is valid along with you California driver’s license, or foreign driver’s license. The foreign driver’s licence must be valid driver’s license issued by your local DMV office or foreign driver’s license issued by your country of origin even if you’re not a California residents.

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Additional Information on International Driving Licenses in California

An IDL is required whenever you travel to another state while driving a car which is registered in California. It is not required to apply for an IDL when you plan to stay within the boundaries of California. However, if you are planning to go beyond the boundaries of California then you’ll need to acquire an IDL.

Foreign driver’s licenses without California driver’s license

California State requires that all non-resident drivers get An International Driving Permit(IDL) prior to driving on the roads of California. The IDL is required within 30 days before entering California State.if you’re a resident of California and do not possess a California driver’s license, obtain your IDP online and begin driving legally and safely in accordance with UN road conventions

Remember to be able to drive legally even if it’s your foreign driving license in CA together with the international driving permit that is verified through

International driving license

Information that could aid you in your application. Include other details that could help you with your application

If you are required to obtain your foreign driver’s license then visit your local DMV location where you made an application for your CA driver’s license. The International Driving Permit is not a driver’s license. The permit is only a proof that you have the proper driver’s license from your country of residence. Your driver’s license from another country and not your internationally issued Driver’s license permits you the right to use the roads in CA. Get in touch with the officials of your country of origin to obtain your driver’s license from abroad in case you don’t have a California state license.


When do I need an International driving license?

An IDL is needed or recommended in over 140 countries. You will need it when you’re planning to drive in any country from the list of these 140 countries.

An international driving license is a document for motoring authorities outside of your country to understand your driver’s license in their language. If you wish to drive in foreign, then you must have an IDL.

An international driving license will allow you to drive to the country where your UK driving license is not valid, like in European countries, Brazil, and others. Simply you have to apply online for the IDL, and in the next few hours, you will be able to travel to your desired country.

An IDL is important for tourists who wants to drive abroad in a country that speaks a foreign language. You will need your current driver’s license in addition to an IDL to rent a vehicle without any confusion. 

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