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If you are a travel geek who loves to conquer the paved roads, then getting an international driving license will save you from a couple of less-than-ideal situations. Let’s face the facts, being in a foreign country is stressful on its own, and the last thing you need is a police officer stopping you and asking for your license.

So, to make your road trips pleasant to these foreign lands, especially overseas, you need to be prepared. And a massive part of that is remembering that you could get stopped a few times by local police for security checks or traffic violations if you are a speeder.

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List of Countries where our IDP is Accepted:


Sao Tome and Principe

Saudi Arabia




Sierra Leone




Solomon Islands


South Africa

South Korea

South Sudan


Sri Lanka

St.Christopher, Nevis & Anguilla










Timor Liste



Trinidad & Tobago








United States

United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom



Vatican City


Verde Islands


Western Samoa

Windward Islands

Yemen (Rep.)





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What is an International Driving License?

People who want to explore the world without traveling on public transport, and then make sure you have an international driving license.   

An IDL is a legal requirement when you want to drive a rental car in various foreign countries. It is also considered a travel document for your safety as well as ease of travel. The IDL is designed with the purpose to use anywhere as well, as any foreigner (English or non-English) can easily understand this. 

The process is very simple, and you do not need to take the test; you need to be 18+ and have a government-issued valid driving license. 

Our application process is very simple. The positive part is you can get this IDL within 15 min to 2 hours. You simply need to follow the process that contains an application form, fill-up the form, and attach one copy of your government-issued driving license. Attach your color photo and a copy of your handwritten signature. You can also apply online it will take a minimum of 5-10 minutes, and we will provide the IDL within half an hour. You can also download the form and can follow the above-given process. 

Get Your International Driving License Now

Reasons to Obtain an International Driving Permit

As stated above, driving can be an exquisite ride if you set yourself for the risks and legalize your trip. However, without an international driving permit, you might face unprecedented situations that might jeopardize the whole journey. For that, there are various valuable reasons to obtain one, and here are a few:

  • Avoid the risk of receiving a huge fine. Driving in a foreign country with no permit may subject the driver to face legal complications or confiscate their car. If stopped by a country’s authority and they couldn’t present their permit and existing license, they may pay a huge fine or even face arrestment or deportation in some cases.

  • It could be used as an identity. The International Driving Permit is proof that you hold a valid license for driving in your home country, which considerably counts as a form of proof of identity. If you lose legal identification or experience passport theft, you may use your permit to save yourself and your family from a great ordeal.

  • Eases Communication. One of the International Driving Permit’s great perks is to list all needed information on the permit in 10 languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Arabic, Italian, Swedish, and Portuguese). So, if you are stopped by an authority figure—in a country that conversates with one of the languages stated — you ‘wouldn’t have to worry about explaining that you are driving legally on their land. Instead, just presenting the permit should solve the issue.

  • Permits are required to return a car. So even if you are not taking a road trip to a foreign country but planning on renting a car when you arrive, having a permit is crucial. Most car rental agencies won’t authorize your rental transaction unless you present a certified document that’s internationally approved to give you a car.

  • An IDP is only needed if you are planning to drive outside your home country.

  • Some specific states in the U.S (California, Massachusetts, and Arizona) may ask for an international driving permit to allow you to drive on their roads, but other states do not.

  • Even though a permit is your getaway ticket to drive in a foreign country, you need to double-check all driving laws and regulations for the country you are visiting to consider all odds.

  • Your IDP is not proof of your driving skill. It’s just a permit. That’s why you need to have the driving license on you and present both to any legal authority

  • Countries are different in languages and culture, but driving rules and habits are also different. For instance, in the U.S, all passengers on foot are only permitted to cross the road on the Zebra crossing, while in some overseas countries—especially third-world ones— zebra crossing is not an integral part of the road. So, getting mentally and psychologically ready before choosing to drive in another country might save you from traffic infractions.

  • If you are not a resident in any U.S. state or coming on a visit, you won’t issue an IDP for the legal authorities. Instead, you’ll have to publish your IDP in compliance with your country’s legal rules.


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How to get your IDP?

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When do I need an International driving license?

An IDL is needed or recommended in over 186 countries. You will need it when you’re planning to drive in any country from the list of these 186 countries.

What is an IDL?

An international driving license is a document for motoring authorities outside of your country to understand your driver’s license in their language. If you wish to drive in foreign, then you must have an IDL.

How can I get an international driving license?

An international driving license will allow you to drive to the country where your  driving license is not valid, like in European countries, Brazil, and others. Simply you have to apply online for the IDL, and in the next few hours, you will be able to travel to your desired country.

What are the advantages on an IDL?

An IDL is important for tourists who wants to drive abroad in a country that speaks a foreign language. You will need your current driver’s license in addition to an IDL to rent a vehicle without any confusion. 

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