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Driving with Zipcar Using an International License: A Complete Guide

Zipcar’s car sharing service grants members convenient access to vehicles across the world. But can you join and drive Zipcar vehicles using an international driver’s license? This guide covers everything you need to know about using Zipcar with a foreign license.
zipcarrental international driving permit
What is Zipcar?
For those unfamiliar, Zipcar operates a car sharing membership program in over 500 cities worldwide. Approved members can instantly reserve and unlock Zipcar vehicles using an app or membership card. Cars are parked in designated areas for easy pickup and return.
Zipcar eliminates the costs and hassles of car ownership. Members pay based on their reservation time and mileage only when a Zipcar is required. Gas, insurance, and maintenance are included. It’s an ideal solution for city dwellers.

Can You Join Zipcar With an International License?

does zipcar accept international license ?

Yes, Zipcar does accept international driver’s licenses from other countries. As long as your foreign driver’s license is valid in the country you wish to drive in, you can become a Zipcar member.
turo & zip car international license
turo & zip car international license
However, Zipcar does have limitations on which countries’ licenses they accept. Approved international licenses are from countries that have driving standards comparable to the country you want to drive in.
For example, if you want to join Zipcar in the UK, your international license must be from a country with driving standards similar to the UK. This includes countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, and European nations.
Some foreign licenses not accepted include those from India, China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Always check Zipcar’s international license policies for precise country approval.
Documents Needed to Join Zipcar Internationally 
To become a Zipcar member using an international license, you’ll need:
– A valid foreign driver’s license from an approved country
– Proof of return travel to home country (like a flight ticket)
– International credit card for payment
– Current passport for ID verification
– Document showing your name and home address
You’ll go through the standard Zipcar registration process, uploading required documents through their app or website. Zipcar will let you know if your foreign license is accepted during the application process.
 Driving Zipcar Vehicles With an International License
Once approved to join Zipcar internationally, driving their vehicles works the same as with any license. Simply reserve a car through the app or site based on your needs. 
At the start of your reservation, locate your booked Zipcar vehicle parked in its designated spot. Unlock it using your Zipcar membership card or app. The keys are already inside. Adjust mirrors, seats, etc and off you go.
When done, return the Zipcar to its allocated parking space. Lock it with your membership card or mobile device. You’ll be charged for exact time and mileage used.
Limitations of Driving Zipcar With a Foreign License
While international licenses are accepted, keep in mind:
– You must be 18+ years old in most countries
– Duration limited to 6 months of Zipcar use 
– Home country’s license must be valid the whole time
– Driving restricted to country license is from
– Additional verification steps may be required
Check Zipcar’s international license policies for any updates or restrictions for your specific country.
Tips for a Smooth Zipcar Experience
Follow these tips to ensure driving Zipcar vehicles on an international license goes smoothly:
– **Book ahead of time** – Give yourself enough lead time to reserve the car you need. Availability fills up fast.
– **Extend reservation if late** – Avoid extra charges by extending your booking through the app if running behind.
– **Check fuel level** – Refill gas if running low before ending your reservation.
– **Keep car clean** – Remove trash and personal belongings before returning.
– **Report issues ASAP** – Notify Zipcar immediately about any vehicle problems, damage, or needed repairs.
Enjoy Simple, Flexible Driving With Zipcar & Your International License
Thanks to Zipcar’s international license policies, drivers from all over the world can avoid car rental hassles and enjoy convenient access to vehicles. With approval to join, valid foreign license in hand, and a few tips, you can easily navigate any destination. Check Zipcar’s availability in your desired city now.